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Hope for the Future (Paul McCartney)
Надежда на будущее
Some hope for the future
Одни надеются на будущее,
Some wait for the call
Другие ждут звонка,
To say that the days ahead
Чтобы сказать, что дни впереди
Will be the best of all
Будут самыми лучшими в жизни.
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What does a Filmmaker do? Перевод

Профессия — режиссер
A filmmaker is in charge of deciding what aspects of an actor or actresses’ portrayal of the scene need to be altered from the script. They provide the creative flair and edge that sets the movie apart. Giving directions to the actors and actresses is very important because often, the filmmaker is responsible for the tone that the movie takes. Continue reading What does a Filmmaker do? Перевод

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